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Accessories for disposers and sinks
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Food waste disposer STATUS Premium 200

Food waste disposer STATUS Premium 200
200 bottom 200 top 200 iso 200 accessories

Disassembly chart

309 EUR
(recommended retail price)


  • Noise insulation of the grinding chamber and engine
  • Three step grinding
  • Reliable induction engine
  • Overload protection system
  • Warranty 5 years

An optimal choice for active use in the appartment or at the cottage. Combining a three step system for grinding with efficient noise insulation and reliable mechanism for power optimization.


Grinding stages3
Auto-reverse functionno
Power amplifier (booster)no
Noise insulation system-30%
Power, W560
Chamber volume, ml1200
Chamber materialmetal
Weight, kg9,6


  • Pneumatic shutter (shutter, hose, 2 replaceable color panels)
  • Filtrating net with rubber plug
  • Assembly loop
  • Water drain pipe with string bracket